• When technology integration increases complexity...

    ...let seamless operations improve efficiency.
  • The price of non-conformance can be exponential...

    ...best practices help in early detection.
  • In an industry where change is unpredictable...

    ...adopt a dynamic resource utilisation model.
  • Digital transformation is inevitable...

    ...lead the pack with early adoption.

Services Portfolio

Accel's IT services portfolio is oriented towards the new digital framework while at the same time supporting traditional IT infrastructure so as to optimise on the legacy investments made by customers.
The solution categories are:

IT Infrastructure Management

The rapidly expanding technology portfolio creates unique and critical business challenges to organisations of all sizes. Accel IT Services’ Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Management Team administers and manages elements to proactively and effectively utilize technology, information and data. These elements include the computers, servers, networking, data, storage, physical and virtual facilities as well as software, processes, policies, staffing, training, security, mobile and virtual functionality and cloud-based services that make up the IT infrastructure. The endeavor is to ensure that IT infrastructure management is closely aligned with corporate operations, strategies and goals.
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Cloud Management Solutions

With cloud computing growing more complex and a wide variety of private, hybrid and public cloud-based systems and infrastructure already in use, a company’s cloud management strategy needs to be just as flexible and scalable as its cloud computing strategy. Apart from just managing the cloud technology landscape, the need of the hour is also to have experts that are trained in cross-platform technologies to address newer service delivery paradigms such as dev/ops, always-on infrastructure, etc. while ensuring that all the strategic and tactical IT & Service delivery goals of an organization are met.
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Enterprise Security

In the wake of increased vulnerabilities to networks, large-scale data breaches are rampant. Whether a small startup or a large enterprise, data security is a top priority and a critical component in any organization’s strategic plans. Accel ITS enables different types of IT security and specializes in the technologies and methods used to secure each component of the value chain so that an enterprise network can have comprehensive lines of defense that keep attacks at bay. Accel ITS’s industry experience and 360 degree understanding of managing large scale Enterprise IT infrastructure that includes applications, end user computing, makes it an ideal partner to secure an enterprise from risks associated with attacks by defining a multi-layered approach to protect all information and data assets.
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Digital Transformation

Technology is consistently changing, making it impossible for companies to stay relevant without continuous innovation. Accel’s innovative solutions for digital transformation, custom made for various industries, helps clients redefine their business processes by using technologies such as Internet of Things, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and VR / AR. Our customer centric approach helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation journey with the most appropriate solutions so as to maximize their RoI.
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